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25k kindergarten ESL teacher in Zhongshan

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25k kindergarten ESL teacher in Zhongshan


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Guangdong Zhongshan

Kindergarten teacher


Job Requirements:

  1. Native (or can apply for kindergarten -related visas)
  2. Bachelor degree or above
  3. There is a TEFL certificate
  4. There are children's teaching experience preferred
  5. Eliminate the work visa conditions of the office


Salary treatment:

  1. 18500 ~ 25,000 yuan/monthly tax
  2. Housing subsidy 1500 yuan
  3. Winter and summer vacation 1900 yuan/month
  4. After a year of full, enjoy a free vacation for 5 days a year
  5. year of air ticket subsidies 6000 yuan
  6. Arrival as soon as possible
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