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15k to 30k kindergarten ESL teacher in Shinan Qingdao

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15k to 30k kindergarten ESL teacher in Shinan Qingdao


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●   Qingdao Shinan District

●   kindergarten,  

●   ESL teacher wanted,

●   1 EFL teacher, teaching children(3-6 years)in the Mixed class of Students of Age Difference. 

●   to effectively manage and discipline a classroom of children, whilst delivering lessons and throughout day-to-day activities. 

●   There are three teachers and one nursery teacher in the Mixed class of Students of Age Difference.

●   And there are 30 children aged 3-6 years in mixed class, so they need group teaching. 



1. Applicants should be NATIVE English speakers from UK, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, have at least a Bachelor degree, female preferred.

2. Applicants should be healthy, no bad habits, physical fitness.

3. Applicants should love preschool education.

4. Applicants should have a TESOL certificate, Z-visa, Foreigner’s residence certificate, Foreigner’s Work Permit(Priority admission).

5. Applicants speaking Chinese fluently have priority.

6. Devotion to teaching: patient, responsible and enthusiastic. Applicants have English teaching experiences have priority.


Remuneration Package

1. Working time: From Monday to Friday (China's statutory holidays excepted) ,8:00am-12:00am 14:00pm-17:00pm.

2. Salary negotiable (15,000-30,000RMB)

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