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JMF has been involved with recruiting teachers from around the world since 2003. Ric Richardson has been involved with teaching in China since 2004. Now we bring the experiences of both together to offer the absolute best service for ESL teachers considering teaching in exciting China!

AWESOME! JMF will be able to place teachers anywhere they want in great schools as always. And now new teachers can have the support of Ric Richardson and the AWESOME! team to be confident of that choice.

The AWESOME! JMF team will be working closely with many ESL teaching departments worldwide. Teachers can be confident they will find just what they are looking for in a teaching position. We cover all ranges of teaching opportunities. From 2 to 92, and nursery school to business training, we will find what you desire!

Just Google the many different areas and ethnicities of China and contact AWESOME! JMF. We will help you through the process. Due to the virus, it is a bit difficult at this time, however, it will pass and you will be all set!

Please contact our office at Recruiting@ESLconsultant.com