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Online TESOL Certification

Online TESOL Certification

Global TESOL was established in 1994, Registered with the Government of Canada, Recognized by international association of teachers of English to a foreign language, Chinese government,Baal (British l
Online ESL/IELTS/TOEFL course

Online ESL/IELTS/TOEFL course

If you are someone who is looking for online course to improve your ESL or IELTS/TOEFL scores, we have teachers can teach you online through SKYPE or QQ, Wechat, one to one. You will get full attentio
2021 英国 夏季产品介绍

2021 英国 夏季产品介绍

类型项目内容成人英语16+无限 英语普通/雅思/对话/职场等4类英语课程每周至多34小时任意组合长期英语 成人英语长期课程(基础-高阶),听说读写发音,20周起游学项目10+英语游学 15小时趣味英语+6晚寄宿家庭+2天短途旅行+伦敦交通卡+导游及接送机定制游学大学深度游,戏剧舞蹈,足球,创业家,科技(机器人),礼仪,亲子,牛剑全真体验 一周英国公立中学插班体验+6晚家庭住宿+英国名校深度游览夏令